Selecting Your Ideal Kitchen Appliances

With the right kitchen appliances, ingredients are kept fresh and organized, cooking temperatures are accurate and heat is evenly distributed to cook meals to perfection.

Everything you need to get the job done is at your fingertips, and cleanup is a breeze — even after hosting a big crowd. Plus, when you walk into your dream kitchen, it’s a beautiful reflection of your personal style, whether that’s contemporary, traditional or anything in between.


But that’s only with the right appliances. With the wrong ones, you may face a host of problems, including cold spots in prepared meals, spoiled produce forgotten in the back of the fridge and dishwasher loads that have to run twice to get pots and pans clean.


At Aggressive, our goal is to match each customer with their ideal kitchen appliance — one that meets their needs, suits their lifestyle and fits their budget. Here’s a rundown of things to consider when planning your next major appliance purchase.


Features and functionality. From ovens with built-in air fryers, touch-screen refrigerator tech hubs and easy-lift dishwasher rack controls, there are myriad fun and functional features to choose from. Appliances are the workhorses of the kitchen, and we want to make sure they’ll work well for you, with all the bells and whistles that help to enhance your daily meal prep and cleanup.


Size/capacity. When it comes to appliances, size matters. The capacity of the appliances you select is critical in terms of whether they can accommodate food prep for a large family or frequent entertaining — and whether they fit the footprint of your kitchen. Refrigerator widths, for example can range widely, from around 28” for standard top-freezer models to 48” for luxury side-by-sides.


Performance. Reliability and high-performance are crucial when selecting kitchen appliances. Induction cooktops offer faster and more precise heating, while high-powered and low-simmer burners can deliver professional-quality results for the home gourmet.


Style. Your kitchen appliances should complement the architectural and interior design of your home and reflect your unique personal style. From sleek stainless steel and modern slate to custom paneling and colorful retro-inspired designs, we carry an extensive range of options available to suit every taste.


Safety. When choosing kitchen appliances, safety should be top of mind. Look for models equipped with features such as child locks, automatic shut-offs and other newer safety measures such as smart home connectivity with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to help minimize kitchen hazards.


Energy efficiency. If environmental sustainability is important to you, look for energy-efficient ratings and features such as induction/convection cooking, water-saving settings and soil sensors in dishwashers and refrigerators with high-efficiency compressors and adaptive defrost systems. 


Accessibility. Especially for older individuals and those with disabilities, consider appliances that prioritize ergonomics and accessibility. Features like adjustable shelves, easy-grip handles, voice controls and drawer-style dishwashers can enhance usability for everyone and help accommodate aging in place.


Smart tech. Smart technology and connectivity options allow you to monitor and control appliances remotely. From adjusting oven temperatures to refrigerators that can make your grocery list for you, smart features bring added control, convenience — and a cool factor — to your home cooking adventures.


Don’t Get Boxed in: Discover a Better Way to Shop for Appliances 

Our expert showroom staff possesses the knowledge and expertise to take the stress and guesswork out of appliance shopping. And our 10,000 square foot interactive appliance showroom lets you try out many of the latest features and models before you make a purchase. We service what we sell — and you’ll be assisted by an actual appliance expert, not a big-box employee who was mixing paint just last week. Stop by and experience the Aggressive Appliances difference for yourself.