Cooktop or Range? Carving out the Best Choice for Your Thanksgiving Day (and Everyday) Feasts

Thanksgiving is a time when we really put all our culinary tools to the test. And if you happen to be in the market for appliances, one of the biggest decisions you’ll face is whether to buy an all-in-one range or stove versus a separate cooktop and wall oven. The right decision can help you handle Turkey Day without ruffled feathers, while the wrong one can leave you basting in years of regret.


Lifestyle and Entertaining

A range keeps everything you need conveniently located within a confined footprint. But adding a cooktop to your kitchen island can allow you to keep the conversation going with family and guests more easily during meal prep because you can face your company while you sauté. Another advantage is that you split the cooking station, so that one cook can be basting the turkey in the oven while another boils the cranberries on the cooktop. With a range, you often have your back to the room (and the game on the big screen), and it’s a bit more challenging to have more than one person cooking at a time. One other benefit to a wall oven is that it puts your food at arm- and eye-level — with no bending required.


Kitchen Design Aesthetics

While there are no hard-and-fast rules, the look of a separate cooktop and wall oven is generally more sleek and contemporary, and you’re afforded a little extra storage for pots, pans and turkey platters below. This combination often feels right at home in more modern interiors.


On the other hand, you may prefer the integrated look of a range. Especially when paired with a handsome wood or metal hood, it can become a stunning focal point of your kitchen — and holiday home — design. A beautiful range can feel like the hearth and heart of a kitchen. Ranges pair well with a variety of homeowner design aesthetics including traditionalists and those who like their kitchen to have a more gourmet or commercial look.


Flexibility of Features

Because you’re buying separate pieces, a cooktop-plus-wall-oven combo can be more flexible in terms of features and performance than an integrated range. You can mix and match capacities, choosing two, four or more burners for the cooktop and double-oven capacities of 10+ cubic feet if your holiday table looks less like a family gathering and more like a state dinner.


This combo option also allows you to match your budget to your culinary preferences. You can spend more on advanced features for the cooktop and less on the oven — or vice versa — depending on whether your expertise revolves more around achieving pumpkin pie perfection or cooking up the world’s greatest gravy.


A Cornucopia of Choices at Aggressive Appliances

Deciding between a range and a cooktop-plus-oven is about your design and culinary preferences, lifestyle and the footprint of your kitchen. The professionals at Aggressive Appliances are a great resource in helping you make this important decision. They have the product knowledge and expertise to point you in the right direction — no matter whether you ultimately end up on team cooktop or team range.


We’re grateful for our valued customers — thank you for placing your trust in us and for allowing us to help meet all your appliance needs. From everyone at Aggressive Appliances, we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.