Tech the Halls: The Hottest Smart Appliance Features to Enjoy This Holiday Season

There’s nothing more festive than walking into your home during the holidays to find it filled with the delightful aroma of roasting turkey, baking cookies and simmering cinnamon cider. Now, imagine the added satisfaction of having this olfactory experience orchestrated with the help of your smart kitchen appliances. Give yourself a digital assist by taking advantage of Wi-Fi-enabled appliances that remind you what ingredients to buy, change cooking modes remotely and even customize clean-up options for your dishwasher.


Now You’re Cooking

Connected cooking isn’t just about convenience. Did you leave the oven on when you popped out to the supermarket? A quick check of the appliance’s app can ease your mind. Some apps find recipes for you, guide you through cooking steps while your hands are covered in egg wash, control oven settings by voice and even remotely monitor your holiday turkey.


Whirlpool Smart Range With Scan-to-Cook Technology (WEEA25H0HZ). This high-performance electric range boasts an oven big enough for your turkey. And it even lets you scan the barcode from a frozen food package to send the cooking sequence directly to the unit.


GE Profile 30 Range With In-Oven Camera (PHS93XYPFS). Be a social media star when you livestream the inside of your oven: You can literally watch a soufflé rise from the comfort of your couch. Also, ensure your oven always has the latest features, such as new air fry modes, with downloadable software upgrades.


Way Cool Tech

From remote door-ajar notifications to suggesting meals to make with your available ingredients, today’s refrigerators go way, way beyond just keeping things cool. Many also enable temperature control from your mobile device and offer a host of other smart, convenient features.


Samsung Smart 4-Door Flex With Family Hub (RF29A9771SG). With its Family Hub integration, Samsung’s smart refrigerators push the boundaries of what you thought a refrigerator could do. The unit’s 21.5” display screen lets you surf the web for recipes, mirror your TV, write whiteboard messages, keep a family calendar, order groceries online and a lot more. Cameras inside this high-tech fridge show what you have on hand, and it’ll even send cooking instructions for recipes to your Samsung range.


The Cleanup Crew

Everyone’s least favorite part of holiday entertaining is cleaning up afterward. And while we don’t (yet) have dishwashers that can load themselves, connected models let you start and stop, change cycles, receive water-leak alerts and reorder detergent if you’re running low.


GE Profile With Twin Turbo Dry Boost (PDT785SYNFS). Using the SmartHQ app, this dishwasher has handy digital features along with a bevy of options: a stainless-steel tub, a third rack, dual heaters and fans for fast drying, bottle jets, silverware jets, steam and sanitizing, and a hard food disposal to finish off any leftovers.


Bosch Benchmark (SHX9PCM5N). Home Connect gives you a great deal of control over Bosch (and Thermador) dishwashers. You get access to additional cleaning modes and the ability to control the start time, cycle type and duration remotely from your smartphone. It’ll even prompt you when it’s time to reorder detergent tablets.


Come to Aggressive Appliances for a digital deep dive with one of our knowledgeable consultants. You can explore the many automation and connectivity offerings among our wide selection of appliances by visiting one of our two 10,000-square-foot live showrooms. Unwrap the future of smart appliance technology this season — and give yourself the gift of the ultimate upgrade in convenience and modern living.


Happy holidays from everyone at Aggressive Appliances.